Our Team

Here at Good Foods, we believe in leading a good life.

We also believe that a big part of that is having a good time at work. Here are some of our friendly faces.

  • Kurt Penn

    Founder & CEO

    Oh Captain, our Captain! A visionary in all things food & business. Our CEO has embraced the challenge of bringing delicious food -without any artificial colors or flavors- into the hearts & homes of thousands. An incredible entrepreneur, he’s also a proud father of four children who keep him busy.

  • John Fitzgerald

    President & COO

    Nothing gets past this guy, and he’s not afraid to give it to you straight. Our Chief Operating Officer and master negotiator runs Good Foods with the efficiency of a naval captain. Having lived in London for 11 years, he has an appreciation for good food and wine.

  • Stephen Babington

    Culinary Director

    Executive Chef extraordinaire, Stephen is constantly creating, revising, and perfecting recipes. A true southern sweet potato, he creates with a smile on his face and the newest band playing in the background.

  • Danyel O'Connor

    Sales Team

    A core member of our sales team, Danyel’s competitive nature has made her an amazing salesperson and revealed her hidden talents in tennis & assembling furniture. This family girl loves throwin’ down in the kitchen and spending time with her little boy.

  • Mandy Bottomlee

    Creative Director

    Queen of all things creative, Mandy keeps Good Foods looking its best! From packaging to marketing and beyond, she makes sure we always look good. She loves color & typography and outside of work, she embraces her true foodie self and takes that creative energy to the kitchen.

  • Charles Herrig

    Operations Manager

    Resident Excel master, Charles is also fluent in sarcasm and Spanish. He works hard to stay on top of everything coming in or going out of Good Foods. He often rewards all this hard work with a visit to his favorite place, TBK.

  • Elisa Allan

    Sales Team

    A vivacious spirit on our sales team, Elisa has an unparalleled enthusiasm for life, her 3 little people and great food! She’s a lyrical genius who’s great at making up her own songs and her own dance moves! In her free time, she volunteers at her local community garden.

  • Jason Young

    Plant Engineer

    The Machine Whisperer, with an uncanny ability to fix anything and everything and the charm of Mayberry’s Opey, Jason is indespensible as our Plant Choreographer. From the packaging to the process to the people, he keeps everything running smoothly and is always planning how to be more efficient.

  • Kristyn Lawson

    VP Sales

    Full of energy, Kristyn is our biggest cheerleader for Good Foods! Always uplifting, always on the go, always smiling! When she’s not traveling she enjoys good drinks & good foods and spending time with her hubby and her furbaby Katie.

  • Priscilla Guzman

    Production Manager

    Our head honcho on the production floor! As manager, she keeps everything flowing! She makes sure our products are efficiently made and of the highest quality. When she’s not suited up in production scrubs, she’s sporting her newest pair of high heels! She enjoys spending time with her brothers and family.

  • Gilberto Villalba

    Culinary Team

    Recipe developer extraordinaire and inventory specialist! Beto lends a hand in all R&D and keeps us on track with raw material inventory. He’s a family man who loves spending time with his wife and 3 children. Any other free time he has, he loves to go fishing!

  • Jesus Cardenas

    Production Supervisor

    Señor Supervisor, the production room leads under his wings! He also focuses on ways to automate processes and maximize productivity. He likes working out and has a passion for salsa dancing ... he’s our salsero!